Advice for Wedding Parties

The Pick-up

In our experience, many parties underestimate the time to leave the house and enter the vehicle for the trip to the ceremony. It will take five to ten minutes to enter the car with the photographer present. They will want multiple shots from various angles, so add that onto your estimate to get from your lodging to the ceremony.


Open cars are beautiful and they provide a wonderful entrance to your special day, but they do have drawbacks. Even with the top up, there will be a breeze running through the vehicle and there is the possibility that your hair may become upset during the trip. Many brides organise to have their hairdresser meet them at the venue to give their hair a touch-up before the ceremony.

Travel Time

It is very easy to underestimate the travel time between lodging, ceremony and the various landmarks where photos will be taken. Travel time can change and will depend on various factors including time of day, day of the week and visibility of the vehicles. Please talk to us about your proposed route and timing and we will help you determine the appropriate time frames.Photos

As mentioned above, it is easy to underestimate the travel time to the various photo venues and this can impact the arrival at the reception. Another common oversight is to try and fit too many photo venues into a limited amount of time. We can liaise with your photographer and we have a register of travel times between different wedding venues and popular local landmarks that can help you stay on track to complete your photos and arrive at your reception on time.

Time of Day and Time of Year

Time of day and time of year are very important considerations for your wedding photos. Weddings are organised months in advance and it is easy to overlook the change in seasons in your planning. For autumn and winter weddings it is essential to consider sunset time when planning your photo opportunities. Darkness falls quickly in the mountains at this time of year and anticipating this can avoid disappointment.

If you are looking for a classic photo with the sun setting in the background, again considering the season is important. In spring and summer, the days get longer and sunset is later. This might impact the timing of the reception.